Khao Kang

"Khao Kang" mean Rice and Curry. As the name says it, rice and curry is one of the most popular Thai dish where you choose various types of curry and have it with hot steamed rice. The origin of the dish came from the tradition of Thai culture where having various types of food to eat with rice in a meal is necessary. As years have gone by, urgency and office work life makes rice and curry the most appealing meal as they are quick and highly convenience for those who are busy. Khao Kang is most popular during lunch hours as most people have limited time to have lunch. During lunch hours, at Lamoon Thai, we offer various types of dish which changes everyday so you can enjoy different types of Thai food everyday. This offer is only for our Lunch Specials

Other than Khao Kang, we do offer you with other types of Thai cuisine the whole day. If Khao Kang is not for you, you can still enjoy other menu we offer at the restaurant.





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